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Frequently Asked Questions


What types  of conflicts are appropriate for the mediation proceeding?

Any type of conflict can be brought before a body of mediation, but mediation is recommended in all those disputes in which there is an interest in coming to an agreement, an ongoing relationship between the parties and/or where parties are involved in matters of great value. Conversely, if the relationship is definitely over, or if the parties can never interact in the future, and/or if the value of the elements at issue is low, mediation is less likely to succeed.


Which is the success rate for a mediation?

Generally speaking, about 80% of the conflicts reach a comprehensive agreement

About 10% of conflicts reach a partial agreement on some of the issues involved.

Only 10% of conflicts do not reach any agreement.


Where are the mediation processes held?

Mediation proceedings are usually held at the headquarter of our Body; however, under the parties' agreement, they can also be held in another location (at work,  at other ADR MF branches) 

When are the mediation processes held?

Mediation proceedings are usually held during work hours, but sessions on Saturday morning are also available as well as late evening  sessions for international mediation proceedings due to possible different time zones between



How long does a session of mediation last?

Mediation sessions usually last form 1 to 3 hours, but some cases may require many much more time.


Is the mediation process confidential?

Yes, it is. The mediator cannot share the outcome of the mediation process or the information acquired during private sessions with the other party/parties. The final agreement is between participants. The mediator cannot be called by the Court to testify on behalf of and/or for anyone.

How much does a mediation cost?

The mediation proceeding makes participants save money: it is faster than the judicial system and usually leads to a more satisfying outcome.

Fees are reasonable and generally shared by both the parties. ADR MF fee to commence a mediation proceeding is € 40.00 for each participant until a conflict of € 250,000.00 value, whereas for a higher value of conflict  commencing fee is €97.60, in addition to the compensation according to ADR MF tables 

What are the rules of conduct for ADR MF mediators?

ADR MF mediators are obliged to respect the Code of Conduct of the Association and the Code of Ethics.

If I choose to apply for the mediation process, will I lose the right to appeal to the Court?

No right will be lost in choosing to apply for the mediation proceeding. The mediation is an opportunity not to be missed. Each party may, and at any time, terminate the mediation and look for an alternative dispute resolution, including the traditional lawsuit. 


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